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Iniciativa për Zhvillimin e Bujqësisë së Kosovës (IADK) (Initiative for Agriculture and Development of Kosovo)

Mission: The development of modern agriculture for safe and healthy food from rural areas and sustainable environment in Kosovo.
Year established: 2004
Target Group: Disadvantaged farmers (in mountainous areas or enclaves, women heads of households); advanced farmers who produce for the market; groups of farmers; young graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture.
Area of expertise: Agriculture, Economic Empowerment, Environment, Ethnic Groups, Gender Equality
Activities: Promotes socio-economic development in rural areas; reduces unemployment and creates opportunities for income generation in order to reduce migration; supports farmers to take gender equality into account; integrates minorities; and raises awareness for environmental protection. Empowers rural women through training and developing skills in food processing, marketing and selling the products; undertakes various activities in the livestock sector and horticulture; focuses on organic production and alternative energy; organizes civil society in the agricultural sector; educates farmers through training, advisory services, marketing, and study visits.
Contact Person: Magbule Hyseni
Phone: +377(0) 44 198 056 +386 (0)49 344 586 Fax: +381 (0) 28 536 726
Address: Ulqini Str., Nr. 74, 40000, Mitrovica
Municipality: Mitrovica

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