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Mundësia (Opportunity)

Mission: Contribute to the development of society through the empowerment of the most disadvantaged groups, so that they can fully exercise their rights and responsibilities and can work effectively to improve their socio-economic position.
Year established: 2000
Target Group: Members of the poorest and most excluded in Kosovar society, including ethnic minorities, women in rural areas, widows, women heads of households, unemployed women, youth and the inhabitants of the enclaves.
Area of expertise: Economic Empowerment, Education
Activities: Involves women and youth from 24 villages in Mitrovica region in various activities; provides training, lectures, courses, etc.; as well as provides small grants for starting various businesses.
Contact Person: Hasime Tahiri- Hasani
Phone: +377 (0)44 213 924
Address: Vëllezërit Dragaj str., Nr.4, Mitrovica
Municipality: Mitrovica

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network