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Shoqata "Femra për Femrat me Aftësi të Kufizuara (Association "Woman for Women with Disabilities“)

Mission: Women’s empowerment in society, politics and health sectors.
Year established: 2011
Target Group: Women and girls
Area of expertise: Economic Empowerment, Health, People with Special Needs, Political Empowerment / Women in Decision-making
Activities: Provides opportunities for young women not to dropout of education; offers general assistance in cases of domestic violence, and for persons with disabilities; organizes cultural activities for people with disabilities who do not have opportunities to travel.
Contact Person: Fjolla Vukshinaj
Phone: +377 (0)44 953 617
Address: Zahir Pajaziti str., nn, Prizren
Municipality: Prizren

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network