Activists Raise Awareness on Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence involves any form of violence committed by one person against another person because of that person’s gender. In Kosovo, women and girls are significantly more affected by different forms of violence, only because of their gender.

Considering this fact and concerned about the many women and girls experiencing violence, the organization Modern Woman (Gruja Bashkohore) has taken initiative to raise awareness of citizens in Prizren about gender-based violence.

On 25 Jan., Modern Woman held a workshop on sexual violence. The workshop discussed forms of sexual violence, misconceptions and facts about sexual violence. Particular emphasis also was placed on  sharing information about medical help and the process of reporting to police.

Among the many participating students, this workshop was attended by Shpresa Emra, Judge from the Prizren Municipal Court; Mybexhele Zhuri, Gender Equality Officer in Prizren Municipality; Shpresa Jonuzaj from Prizren Police; Jubilea Kabashi, Director at the Shelter of Prizren; and representatives from civil society organizations led by women.

During the workshop, Adelina Hasani, a representative of the FEMActive initiative, spoke about key concepts related to gender equality and the use of the terms like ‘sex’ and ‘gender’. She also discussed international mechanisms for achieving gender equality, about sexual violence, the definition of sexual violence, and many other issues relating to gender-based violence.

In conclusion, Fetije Mehmeti, Director of Modern Woman, said that she was satisfied with the interest that this workshop has awakened among young people, who were very involved in the discussion.

This project was supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund of the Kosovo Women’s Network, funded by the Austrian Development Agency.