Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace

 On Dec. 4th, Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC), a long-time member of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) organized a panel discussion titled “Sexual Harassment in the workplace in Kosovo”. The panel was moderated by Lavdi Zymberi, KCGS, and comprised of Gresa Rrahmani, KWN, Jeta Berisha, Artpolis and Zana Idrizi, Girls Coding Kosovo.

Idrizi informed the public regarding “Walk Freely” an online application, the first of its kind developed by young women coders in Kosovo. Through this application women and men can report sexual harassment in their phones. Further, Idrizi elaborated the data collected which shows 52 reports of sexual harassment at work, from which 25 were perpetrated by the employer, 15 from work colleagues and 12 by clients.  On the other hand, Berisha focused on the continuous work Artpolis has been doing in raising awareness to the public about the harm of sexual harassment though art. Moreover, she shared her personal experience when trying to report sexual harassment to the responsible institutions and their failure to rightfully address them. Rrahmani shared the research data from KWN’s “Sexual Harassment in Kosovo” report, noting how concerning it is that 60% of women have experienced sexual harassment in their lives compared to 30% of men. Briefly addressing the main problems related to the issue from “victim blaming” to “power relations”, she concentrated her presentation in how victims of sexual harassment can report it to the responsible institutions, the procedures they can take and the importance of knowing and exercising your rights.
Ultimately, most people present agreed that although the issue of sexual harassment remains problematic and widespread, it is important to continue talking about it, raising awareness and supporting victims of sexual harassment in their claims. This panel was organized within the 16 days of activism campaign "Leave no one behind: End Violence against Women and Girls", supported by Kvinna till Kvinna and funded by SIDA.
Photo: ©KGSC