American Student Appreciates KWN Internship, Willing to Cooperate in the Future

Mira Tan, 19 years old from California, United States of America (USA), was an Intern at the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) for one month, from June to July 2019. She is in her second year at Miami University, Ohio, co-majoring in International Studies and International Business with a minor in Chinese.

ISLA, Live Learn Intern, an international program offering internships for intrepid humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers with local partner NGOs in Africa & Europe, matched Tan to work for four weeks with KWN.

During this short but productive time spent at KWN she mainly carried out duties related to social media activities, including the Communication Outreach Plan of two of KWN’s exhibitions titled “Break the Silence: Ending Violence Behind Walls.” She was especially involved in the exhibitions in Prishtina and Gjilan.

Read HERE this Exhibition’s Booklet.

Tan shared her internship experience, emphasizing the advantages she gained by working in another country and immersing herself in the Kosovar culture.

“This internship experience with KWN has been really educational, I really believe that this experience was invaluable and there wouldn’t be any place in America that I could have learned as much as I did here”, Tan said. “Also, as an intern, I was able to actually experience things first hand, like the exhibition, instead of being forced to stay in the office all day and just do random paperwork”, she said.


“Working closely with KWN’s staff I had an astonishing opportunity to get a hands-on experience on what a feminist movement looks like, how it works and most crucially its impact toward improving and promoting the rights and the interests of women and girls”, she highlighted.

Tan said she valued this KWN’s internship experience as an opportunity to expand her knowledge on gender equality-related issues. She especially noted that KWN’s vision is a Kosova where women and men are equal and have equal opportunities in every sphere, and that ISLA currently is working on Gender Equality as one of its key sectors.

“I really do appreciate this experience and I hope that I can come back one day to continue to collaborate with KWN”, she added.

Tan looks forward to continuing to share her awe-inspiring experience with her university colleges and her circle of friends, adding yet another brick to the wall of Kosovar-American friendship.