Women presented a manikin wearing traditional clothes to the office of theMayor of Prishtinaand the President of the Republic of Kosova.


Women worked expeditiously. Their fingers quickly moved in and out of the traditional clothes. They were busy preparing traditional garments for the Mayor of Prishtina, Isa Mustafa, and the President of the Republic of Kosovo, AtifeteJahjaga. The garments were donated together with a manikin wearing them with the hope that these political leaders would put women’s handmade products on display in their offices for visitors to see. Indeed, they were placed in the main hall of Prishtina Municipality.

The organization responsible, Arta in Prishtina, received support from the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fundfor this initiative. They trained women in traditional handcrafts, improved women’s economic situation and furthered women’s social integration.
“I am extremely gratefulfor the opportunity that has been offered,” said ValbonaDurmishi. She had earned money by making handcrafts, which empowered her economically.With the money she earned, she helped her family and educated her children.

“Working with the organization helped me receive my own income, and I do not have to depend economically on my husband or other family members,” saidHavaBytyqi, another Artamember. “Here I have the opportunity to spend time with my female friends and work. I didn’t have the chance to go to school when I was young, and this opportunity is a very good one for me to work and socialize with other women,”she continued.

According to HafijeQyqalla, Director of NGOArta, President Jahjaga and Mayor Mustafapromised to support women’s groups inpresenting theirhandmade goods in several Kosovo embassies worldwide, promoting Kosovo culture. “This will exhibit our national handcrafts and our tradition, and in the meantime empower economically our members,” she said. The events were promotedon public television, social media and newspapers.