BWCK Demand Implementation of the Law for Blind Persons

 As part of the initiative “Advocacy for providing free transport for blind persons”, the Blind Women’s Committee of Kosovo (BWCK) organized a roundtable with women assembly members from Prishtina Municipal Assembly and representatives of women’s associations of blind people.   Mrs. Bajramshahe Jetullahu, Director of BWCK, presented the Law for Blind Persons and initiatives undertaken by BWCK that aim to initiate the implementation of Article 13 of this Law. This Article states:
Blind persons and their companions when accompanying the blind person shall enjoy benefits in payment, urban traffic is free, and in under urban traffic traveling payment shall be fifty percent (50%) of the value of the ticket.
Private and public operators should set places for blind persons and should put relevant signals. These places are released from fiscal obligation determined by Direction from Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Infrastructure.
    Mrs. Jetullahu said that in practice the law is not being implemented and asked the group of women assembly members to advocate for the law to be better applied in practice. They discussed the best procedure for establishing mechanisms for better implementing this law.
Participants expressed an interest in knowing more about the current state of blind people. They were introduced to the challenges and problems that blind people face.
Among other things, women assembly members promised to organize activities in the Municipality of Pristina for the ”International Day of the white stick”, which is celebrated on October 15 each year, recognizing the rights of blind people. They offered their support and said that they would speak out on these issues, towards ensuring the rights of blind persons.
    This initiative is receiving support from the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) in the total amount of €2,750. KWF is financed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and Austrian Development Agency (ADA).