As part of the “Reforma 2004” Campaign, people in Prishtina protest Kosova’s current electoral law.

Coalition Campaigns for Electoral Law Reform in Kosovo

In March and April 2004, KWN, the Coalition for Electoral Law Reform, Reforma 2004, KACI Network and Kosova Women’s Lobby participated in a Kosova-wide campaign to advocate for a new electoral system. It included writing letters to key local and international decision-makers, meetings, a media campaign, press conferences, TV debates, a public education campaign, as well as peaceful demonstrations in six regions in support of a new electoral system promoted by the Coalition for Electoral Law Reform in Kosova.

The recommended system would combine principles of open lists, geographic representation through multiple electoral districts, and balanced gender representation. The campaign was widely covered by electronic and print media. Although the United Nations Mission in Kosovo failed to change the electoral law for the fall 2004 elections, the campaign succeeded in raising public awareness about the issue and contributed to bringing the issue of electoral law reform to the forefront of political discussions in Kosova.