Dokufest Participants Discuss Gendered Professions

 On 21 Aug. 2014, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)organized a roundtable titled “Professions have no Gender” at Dokufestin Prizren. The discussed how different stakeholders can concertedly and comprehensively shape perceptions on gender equality, especially with regard to employment. The discussion was moderated by Donjeta Morina, Gender Project Assistant at UNDP. People shared their ideas and personal experiences. The discussion surrounded the results of the UNDP Public Pulse Report on Gender published in July 2014. The report recommended more awareness-raising activities, which led to this discussion. They noted how society creates and continuously reproduces social norms that limit career choices, based on a person’s gender.

 Debate surrounded UNDP’s recent film, ”Professions have no gender”, which depicted the career aspirations of girls and boys.  The conversation touched upon the effect of family, media and school on limiting the career choices of boys and girls, by imposing on them certain gender-specific norms and values.
     “I am satisfied with this discussion, and I learned a lot from everyone present,” said Donjeta Morina.