Fatime Llugiqi: The Actress Who Radiated Positivity, Empowered, and Motivated Young Girls Towards Acting

Fatime Llugiqi was wise, loving, and positive, and these qualities shone through her performances on stage. As a theater and film actress, she not only made significant contributions to the field but also dedicated herself to supporting young actresses, offering them love and guidance.

Kosovo actress Anisa Ismajli, fondly recalls her first meeting with Fatime many years ago when she embarked on her acting journey. The memory evokes deep emotions for Anisa as she reflects on the impact Fatime had on her career.

“She has always had a deep love for young artists. I remember our first meeting vividly; she embraced me warmly. I aspire to carry on her legacy of nurturing love for young artists,” shared Ismajli.

In 1973, Fatime Llugiqi began her career at the National Theatre. Over the course of her active years on stage, spanning three decades, she took on an impressive repertoire of 37 roles in theater productions, as well as 22 roles in cinema and television films.

Initially, Llugiqi had aspirations of attending medical school. However, her path took a different turn as she ultimately decided to pursue her passion in the field of arts. In the early 1970s, she completed her education at the Pedagogical High School, where she joined the dramatic art group under the guidance of Faruk Begolli and Bekim Fehmiu.

During her time as a student, Llugiqi showcased her talent in various theatrical productions. One notable play she participated in was “Brazdat e Pavarura (Independent Furrows),” directed by Muharrem Qena. Impressed by her skills, Qena continued to involve her in his subsequent shows. Llugiqi went on to perform in several renowned plays, including “Gjenerali i ushtrisë së vdekur (The General of the Dead Army), “Revizori” (The Auditor), “Macbeth,” “Mosha e bardhë (the White Age), “The mayor of Tirana,” “Anna Karenina,” “Trungu Ilir, (Illyrian Trunk), “Hamlet,”etc. These performances stand as a testament to Llugiqi’s talent and will forever be remembered as significant milestones in her career.

Actor Adem Mikullovci has hailed Llugiqi as the most suitable actress for various roles. He collaborated with her on six episodes of the series “Man with Three Wives.” Mikullovci describes her as a wise and inquisitive actress.

Furthermore, actress Aurita Agushi fondly remembers Fatime as someone who made a significant impact on her life. Agushi expresses that no matter how hard she tries, words cannot fully capture the essence of who Fatime was to her. She describes her as gentle, composed, and brimming with warmth and love. Agushi cherishes the moments when Fatime would hold her close.

According to the actors, Fatime created an atmosphere of harmony within the theater team, thanks to her positivity and sensitivity. Her analytical nature, which involved breaking down characters and conducting historical research, guided her creativity, resulting in vivid and memorable portrayals.

Fatime Llugiqi was born in 1951 and passed away in 2019.