Marte Prekpalaj help s showcase women - led NGOs’ work on Prizren’s TV Opinion

Femra vizionare e shekullit XXI (Visionary Women of the XXI Century)

In Prizren, women face diverse challenges related to accessing education, economic independence, health and social inclusion. Women-led non-governmental organizations (NGOs) there have worked for years towards improving women’s position. Visionary Women of the XXI Century, a KWN member from Has, has promoted the work of women’s NGOs through a media campaign. In doing so, these visionary women have bolstered public awareness of women NGOs’ positive contributions in communities throughout Prizren region, as well as helped women’s organizations secure additional local support for their efforts.

It all started with Visionary Women of the XXI Century recording biographies that described the work of women’s NGOs in Prizren area, including Dora Dores (Hand to Hand), One to One and the Society of the Blind. Their stories then were broadcast on local TV Opinion.
“The NGOs in our Municipality often have said that they cannot afford to have their own TV or radio shows,” explained Marte Prekpalaj, Director of Visionary Women of the XXI Century. Their requests inspired her to draw from her own experience and positive relations with local media in order to help other women’s organizations promote their work.

The documentaries were well-received by viewers, who said that these programs had a very positive influence on the local community.
“We were unaware that women’s NGOs did so much work and activities,” a viewer said.
Due to popular demand, TV Opinion broadcast the program continuously for two weeks more than they had planned originally.

The programs also emphasized women’s NGOs’ need for continued community support. Touched by these programs, officials from the Municipality of Prizren have offered for women’s NGOs to use two offices in Prizren free of charge for carrying out their initiatives. This contribution is important for women’s organizations who often struggle to secure sufficient funds for their operational costs and advocacy work.

Visionary Women of the XXI Century hope that they can continue to support women’s organizations in promoting their work in the future.
Support from the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fund also enabled Visionary Women of the XXI Century to hold a roundtable with 27 women in rural areas on the International Day against Violence against Women.