Foleja (The nest)

In Prizren, many Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian girls drop out of school before completing compulsory education, often due to early marriage. NGO Foleja decided to organize discussions in order to inform mothers, families, and young women about the importance of education, as well as to provide healthcare information, which they may not have had access to previously.

Foleja invited a doctor to visit Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian women in their neighbourhoods. During a series of intimate discussions, she provided information about sexually transmitted diseases and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Mothers also received brochures with tips for caring for their infants.
“This project is very important for educating young women about how to create a family and basic things that they need to know in order to raise their infants,” said Gjyzel Shaljani, Foleja’s Director.

During the interactive lectures, participants could ask her and the doctor questions and receive guidance in addressing the challenges they face.
“I am very happy with the work that Gjyzel and the doctor are doing,” said Lindita Qylangji, a participant. “We are learning a lot.”

More than 400 women have received information through Foleja’s Kosovo Women’s Fund-supported initiative (€2,740).