Forum Theatre Empowers Women from the Region

Women from the region gathered in the beautiful city of Prizren on 8-11 Nov. for a workshop on “Using Theatre as a Tool for Empowering Women.” Organized by KWN’s member organization Artpolis, this was the first regional workshop of its kind. The training involved Forum Theatre, an innovative and influential type of theatre created for teaching people how to change their world. It includes interactive sessions between players and audience. At the end of the play, the audience can discuss issues raised by actors and make suggestions. Using Forum Theatre, Artpolis aimed to empower women participants from Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. During the three-day workshop participants learned Forum Theatre. Via small groups, they created Forum Theatre plays on different topics. Debates followed, during which other participants shared ideas and experiences.
     “I had a really good time,” said Nadja Duhacek from Women in Black in Serbia. “We had the chance to exchange experiences with one another. I met old friends and created new friendships. The activity was all very practical and empowering.”
     In the evenings, participants walked around the historic city of Prizren and celebrated during a party on the third evening of the training. The workshop received support from Kvinna till Kvinna.
     “It was a very good experience and we had a great time together,” said a participant.