Gender Coordination Group Discusses Best Practices on Using Social Behaviour Change Campaigns

Coordination of the many organizations, donors, and government agencies working on women and property rights has been identified as a major need. In order to improve cooperation between organizations, individual organizations need to be informed about each other’s agendas. The Gender Coordination Group (GCG) for Property Rights Program (PRP) was reactivated this year, building on the platform that existed last year. 
    GCG members are people from different sectors, including civil society, government and donor agencies that are working in areas relevant to property rights and women’s rights. Members meet bimonthly to discuss and plan activities regarding women’s property rights.  GCG’s mission is to develop activities that will help strengthen legislation and court procedures to better protect women’s property rights, change cultural attitudes and behaviours about women’s property rights, and promote opportunities to engage as economic actors. 
      On October 9th, 2015, GCG held a workshop to learn more about Social Behaviour Change Campaigns (SBCC). SBCC are campaigns that use data, as well as creative ideas, to focus on positively influencing social norms in support of long-term, sustainable behaviour change within a population. 
     Virginia Williams, a communications consultant from Tetra Tec, led the workshop.  Williams talked in detail about applying SBCC concepts to the For Our Common Good campaign. Williams shared the best practices regarding the campaign by giving examples that were used before. Also it was stated that the most important tool while using SBCC is to know how to most effectively deliver the concepts of SBCC to a given target group. In particular, Williams emphasized the importance of readjusting the message of the campaign based on an audience, whether it primarily based of children, women or elderly individuals After Williams concluded her presentation, participants were given the opportunity to brainstorm ways to most effectively reach their given target groups for the Our Common Good campaign.