Forget flowers: Men and women wait to donate blood, on International Women’s Day in Kosovo.

Give Life: Give Blood, KWN Marks 8 March

KWN, supported by the National Center for Blood Transfusion (NCBT), marked International Women’s Day through a street action “Give Life: Give Blood.” Between 12:00 and 15:00 on 8 Mar., 37 men and women donated blood in Mother Teresa Square in Prishtina.
Marking 8 Mar. with a protest or action has become an annual tradition for KWN. KWN members decided that KWN’s advocacy this year would focus on women’s access to quality healthcare. Citizens were invited to donate blood (instead of giving flowers), assisting Kosovo’s weak healthcare system.
Music played loudly through the square and people passing by read the banner (above) with the event’s motto: “Give Life: Give Blood.” Citizens donated blood, giving the gift of life to people in need.
Women also brought their family members. “Since my medical condition and age won’t allow me to donate blood, I brought my two sons with me today,” said Fatima Zatriqi, from North Mitrovica.” They can donate blood and help Kosovar Women.”
“I donate blood regularly and since this is a symbolic day for women, I am here to mark this day and help save someone’s life,” added Nexhat, one of Fatima’s sons.
Other people diverged from their everyday route through Mother Teresa Square, pausing to donate blood.
“I am a student, and I pass this way on my way back from university. I found out that people are donating blood and stopped to do the same,” said Iliriana Leci. “It won’t cost me anything, and this human gesture can save someone’s life.”