Government Approves 1325 Action Plan

KWN’s ten years of advocacy for creating a National Action Plan for the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in Kosovo have finally paid off. On 29 Jan., the Government approved the Action Plan for the Implementation of Resolution 1325 in the Republic of Kosova.
This Government decision obliges institutions with responsibilities outlined within the Action Plan to implement their responsibilities. The Agency for Gender Equality, which led the inter-sectoral process of drafting this Plan, now is obliged to establish and lead an Inter-institutional Secretariat in monitoring the implementation of this Action Plan.
The Action Plan includes:

  • Promote and implement Resolution 1325 in Kosovo, locally and regionally;
  • Coordinate joint actions among institutions, civil society and interest groups towards implementing Resolution 1325 and other programs that promote gender issues;
  • Create a new premise for strengthening and promoting the rights that belong to women and girls in Kosovo;
  • Integrate gender issues into the security sector;
  • Create opportunities for promoting transitional rights in Kosovo;
  • Exchange experiences with different countries in implementing the Resolution, contributing to women in peace and security issues;
  • Enhance society’s attention to and the commitment of institutions in mitigating the consequences of the war in Kosovo; and
  • Through joint activities such as public debates, awareness campaigns, roundtables and other forms of media, promote Resolution 1325 in Kosovo.