“Gruaja Fermere” Raise Awareness Amongst Rahovec Students About Sex Education

The member organization of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), “Gruaja Fermere” (in English Woman Farmer) successfully completes the initiative ” Sexual education for youth”.

From October 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022, for four months, Gruaja Fermere has held 10 activities with 263 high school students in the Municipality of Rahovec.

The young people of this municipality had the opportunity to attend the lecture of Dr. Florije Kafexhiu about reproductive health, family planning, unwanted pregnancies, and adolescent health.

The project coordinator, Muradije Shehu, said that they have chosen to address this topic because of the great need for young people to become aware of reproductive health.

“We are grateful to the Kosova Women’s Network, through which the organisation of these lectures, very useful for young people, was made possible”, she said.

Meanwhile, the lecturer Kafexhiu advised the students to be aware of the health risks that may threaten them.

“You should feel free to know more about sex education because lack of information can have many consequences, and infections are among the most common and should be treated with caution, because some of them do not show any symptoms at first”.

The student of dentistry, Anjeza Krasniqi, expressed her satisfaction with the training.

I liked the topic we discussed today because we learned a lot of things we did not know, and which we never discussed in school. This information will help us take proper care of our health,” she said.

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The activities of the organization “Farmer Woman” have included discussions with school principals and teachers, who have supported the idea of updating the school curriculum with the subject of sex education. In total, 40 teachers were informed about quality and gender sensitive education, respectively 10 men and 30 women.

This initiative, benefiting from the 15th round of the Kosovo Women’s Fund, is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and co-financed by the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency, through the Swedish Embassy in Pristina, within the KWN initiative “Advancing Further on Women’s Rights in Kosovo II”.