Health Care Should Be On School Programs

 “Be aware for a better life” is the name of the joint project by KWN’s member organizations: Gruaja Hyjnore(Divine Woman) and Shoqata për Edukim dhe Përkujdesjën e Familjës  (Association for Education and Family Care). Both of these organizations have received grants by the Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF).
     This project aims to raise awareness among young people on sexually transmitted diseases in general, HIV/AIDS, and drugs.
     The meeting was held on Oct. 21, in the village of Bec, in Gjakova, with parents and teachers of students who had participated in the earlier lectures.
     The purpose of the meeting was to discuss further steps to be taken, as well as recommendations of mothers and teachers regarding the ways and methods used so far during lectures to youth.
     Most mothers agreed that a course in health education should be a compulsory subject in primary schools for students in grades seven, eight and nine. Some of them also claimed that they themselves have difficulty discussing this topic with their children.
     While others said that most of the time they are held back by the mentality, where such discussions remain taboo and are not discussed between parents and children.
     "We do not have the habit of discussing such topics, so children often remain uninformed. I took the initiative and opened this topic for discussion with my children, but my husband thought the topic should not be discussed," said a mother participating in the meeting.
     There were numerous discussions on various topics related to students, but teachers stated that the best way to prevent the negative phenomena is for students, parents and teachers to collaborate with each other.
     As a conclusion, participants unanimously decided that they should further advocate for such topics to be taught in school, and included in a compulsory subject called: Health Education.
      Representatives of the NGO claimed that they have already begun to address this request to the competent authorities.
Kosovo Women’s Fund is supported by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).