The project "A Healthy Woman – A Happy Family" is to raise awareness among women in 6 villages of Ferizaj about breast cancer and cervical cancer. Activies organized to achieve this include meetings with the heads of villages and women in order to spread the infomation about the training and send out invitations for the training. Transfer for  women with disabilities from their homes to the place where the training takes place and vice versa will be provided.

There are also brochures given to everyone in order to raise awareness regarding the dissease. After the training 50 women (5 from each village) will be sent to the doctor for medical check-ups. Women from these villages will also be included in the already exisiting "Self-supported group".


The project helps women socialize among themselves and increase their cooperation by exchanging ideas. It allso eleminates barriers women face from their families when it comes to medical check-ups, especially going to the gynecologist.