Kosovo Program for Gender Equality working group meets for the second workshop

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) attended the second workshop on drafting the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality, organized by the Agency for Gender Equality. The second round of workshop discusses the women’s rights, access to justice, and security. While the drafting process started in October 2017, the third workshop is expected to be organized this March.
       Agency for Gender Equality (AGE), based on Article 11 of Law on Gender Equality, was obliged to start drafting the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality (KPGE) – a strategical document of the Government of Kosovo, which sets forth the goals, measures, and main actors bearing the responsibility for the achievement of gender equality in all domains of social, economic, political, education, health, and cultural spheres for both women and men in Kosovo during the period from 2017 until 2021.
       In its first workshop, the working group drafting this document, which includes KWN members, discussed, over the span of six days, the meeting, analysis, and provision of necessary information during and until the end of the finalization process of the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality and Action Plan. The Document is divided into three pillars: Economic empowerment and social welfare; human development; decisionmaking and representation, women, peace and security. The workshops are supported by the Swedish Government, Swedish International and Development Agency (SIDA).