KWN advocates for easier movement of citizens on the street

On 25 May, 2017, KWN participated in the first workshop organized by the Municipality of Prishtina “Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Prishtina”.
      During the discussion on the problems of citizens, KWN asked for steps to be taken regarding the key issues faced by women, such as: to free the sidewalks from the cars in order to have enough space for the movement of women / mothers with children carriages, to make necessary adjustments ofroads in order to meet the needs of people with limited abilities, including installation/placement of street signals for blind persons.

     In this process of drafting this Plan for carrying out adjustments to the road for the needs of the citizens, this workshop was attended by women and men, representatives of urban traffic companies, professors of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Prishtina, representatives of various profile organizations, people with disabilities and representative of the Kosovo Women’s Network.

     To assist in gathering information on drafting the Plan, please complete the following online survey: Travel