KWN and the Council of Europe Deepen Cooperation in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

On April 14, representatives from the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) met with Nitë Bylykbashi Deliu, the Senipr Official of Project in the Council of Europe Office in Pristina, and project assistant Beatriçe Sopa Çitaku at the KWN offices. The meeting was held as part of coordination meetings with actors working in the field of combating gender-based violence.

Adelina Berisha, Program Manager for Addressing Gender-Based Violence, and Besarta Breznica, an official of the program, discussed KWN’s program against Gender-Based Violence, activities, and objectives for 2023 to coordinate efforts to address gender-based violence.

 KWN collaborates with local and international institutions to create policies aimed at preventing domestic and gender-based violence. At a conference organized by the Council of Europe in Pristina a some weeks ago “Stopping the cycle of violence – programs for perpetrators of domestic violence”, KWN provided concrete recommendations for the process.