KWN and the Lobby in support of Podrimqaku-Subashi

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and the Lobby on Gender Equality in Kosovo (Lobby) on the 29th of March through a Press Release have expressed their concern regarding the pressure and the unfair treatment of Zahrie Podrimqaku-Subashi, Coordinator of the Municipal’s Human Rights Unit and Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Officer in Drenas by the Mayor of this municipality, Ramiz Lladrovci.

Podrimqaku-Subashi is being a target of the pressure by the Mayor of the Municipality, who unlawfully tried to demote and replace her with his sister’s daughter-in-law.

In this letter, KWN and Lobby have recalled Podrimqaku-Subashi’s work and activism in the protection and promotion of human rights, with particular emphasis on the protection of women’s rights. To this understanding, KWN and Lobby have also demanded that the pressure towards  Podrimqaku-Subashi’s demotion has to be stopped.

Podrimqaku-Subashi enjoys the full support of KWN and the Lobby for continuing to exercise the public function for the benefit of citizens, as she has performed so far.

Read HERE the full Press Release.