KWN Condemns the Physical Attack against Human Rights Activist Nazlie Bala

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at approximately 20:35, Human Rights Activist Nazlie Bala was physically attacked at the entrance to her apartment. She was then threatened: “Be aware that we will kill you.”
The Kosova Women’s Network (KWN) condemns this attack, and we demand urgently an investigation by the Kosovo Police, as well as immediate protection for Nazlie Bala.

This attack follows the threat made to Nazlie Bala’s life on March 20, 2013, which stated that if she protects “the shame,” a bullet “awaits” her. These threats and attacks have been a consequence of her appearance on RTK show “Në Kërkim” (“In Search”) last week, when Bala provided evidence related to rapes perpetrated against women during the war in Kosovo.

The attack against Nazlie Bala, a renowned women’s rights activist, is not only an attack against her, but an attack on all of our efforts to protect the dignity of women survivors of sexual violence during the war.

We inform the attackers that such threats and violence will never deter our efforts to further justice in our country and to restore the dignity of women survivors of violence.

We are all Nazlie Bala!