KWN continues to seek #JusticeforAntigona in Rahovec

Activists, representatives of civil society organisations, and family members, organised by Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), gathered in front of the Court Building in Rahovec on June 11th, at 10:00 hrs, at the time when the judicial proceeding was envisaged to be held, to request justice for Antigona.

Even though the damaged party and newly appointed case judge were present in the court, the prosecutor and the defendants were absent, unfortunately, the session was adjourned for 04 September due to the strike of the administrative staff.
The late Antigona Morina died six years ago from continuous haemorrhagic, three days after the marriage. Back then, her spouse, Hilmi Zena, had not only offered her medical care by sending her to the Sheh, but he also worsened her health conditions by continuing sexual relations with her.
Through protests, the KWN will continue to request a proper reaction of judiciary in Kosovo regarding the case of late Antigona Morina
In the reaction disseminated on 19 March, the KWN wrote that judicial institutions may lower violence, respectively crime only through fair judgements. Increase of institutional accountability in the treatment of gender-based violence will increase reporting of such cases, by ensuring justice, protection, and rehabilitation for the cases of gender-based violence.
Since judicial institutions are not taking the necessary measures, after many reactions, the KWN has hired lawyer Fehmije Gashi Bytyqi to represent the family of Antigona. Lawyer Fehmije Gashi Bytyqi has been hired through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).