KWN empowers its members in promoting their work

     Based on members’ requests and needs during mentoring sessions and implementation of Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) projects, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held a three-day workshop about “Public Relations: How to promote your work”, on 25, 26 and 27 May 2017, at Amazona Hotel, in Kosovo.
     During the first day of the workshop, members discussed about the importance and how to prepare promotional materials such as reports, brochures, including press releases and invitations for media conference, etc. Krenar Basha from Night Design Studio, demonstrated to members how they can promote their work in the best way possible by using existing resources without additional budgeting. In addition, divided in working groups, members had the opportunity to design promotional materials, depending on their needs, as well as to draft press releases, thus putting into practice everything they learned during the day.
     On the second day, members created public relations strategies, based on the needs and main activities of each organization. Considering the importance of promoting work also through social media, during the second part of this day, the discussion focused on promotional techniques, more specifically on the use of social media techniques. KWN members divided in working groups, where 15 volunteers from Girls Coding Kosovo and other KWN staff worked closely with each member in opening a new Facebook page, or updating existing ones. As a result, seven members opened a Facebook page for the first time. Continuing this, KWN members learned how to manage their pages on a daily basis.
     NGO Rona expressed her pleasure of being able to attend this workshop by saying that “thanks to the work with volunteers and KWN staff, now I have a Facebook page where I can better promote the work of my organization”.
     The third day was about public presentations and speaking on media. KWN members had the opportunity to hear stories and get advice from KWN’s own experience in media and public speeches. Later, each member individually did an exercise by conducting an interview with KWN staff in front of a camera. They said that this exercise was very useful for them, as they now have a clear idea about how an interview with a journalist might look like.
     This workshop was supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.