KWN held its 15th Annual Assembly of Members

 On December 16th, starting at 11:00 hrs, at Sirius Hotel in Prishtina, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held its 15th Annual Assembly of Members, attended by its members, friends, supporters and representatives of Kosovo institutions. The Assembly was moderated by Nertila Qarri Gërguri, KWN Project Coordinator.

Besnik Leka, Chair of the KWN Board, in the opening speech of the Assembly, among others, said, “My election as Chair of the Board confirmed once again a truth by which the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) is guided – the truth that our organization belongs to anyone that is willing and believes in equality. We are ending a year which, more than ever, confirms the relevance and necessity of the work of KWN.”
            That KWN cooperates closely with local institutions, was also emphasized by Edi Gjonbalaj Gusia, Chief Executive Officer of the Agency for Gender Equality, who mentioned the continuous cooperation with civil society organizations and organizations led by women. Among others, she added that, “the Agency this year, as always, was engaged in promoting the Law on Gender Equality, commenting and observing its application and obstacles faced for a proper implementation of this Law […]  wanting to create a more secure future for women and girls, and men and boys.
Hilmi Jashari, Ombudsperson, expressing his pleasure to address the members of KWN, said that today is a proper time to talk about opportunities believing that together we can play a very important role as representatives of the people, pushing forward the demands and needs for an equal state. “I congratulate all women for all the work and activism you are doing despite the evils that are happening. I remind you that the Ombudsperson will always be by your side”.
Habit Hajredini, Director of the Office for Good Governance within the Office of the Prime Minister, reminded the activism and cooperation of women-led organizations with the institutions since early 2000s and the processes initiated the deferred jointly. Talking about equality, he added that, “We, the men, should be an example of raising the awareness of others to fight for human rights and against discrimination, in order to achieve progress in the changes that we demand for an equal society”.
To mark the success of initiatives undertaken by the members through the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF), a documentary movie was played presenting some of these initiatives. The documentary is available on the KWN website and youtube channel.
Igballe Rogova, KWN Executive Director, speaking of the work of KWN in 2017, of the activism and solidarity of women and men to advance gender issues, stated that, “I would like the motto of this year’s Assembly be that we are not a Network just because we work together, we are a Network because we respect, believe and take care of each other”. She further added that KWN this year as well has worked in achieving its mission to make Kosovo a place where women and men are equal and have equal opportunities to education, employment, political participation, healthcare and a life without violence.
Talking about the solidarity and achievements, Ms. Rugova said that, “I cannot but mention the activists that physically are not amongst us, but I believe that they see us and smile on us. They are Advije Gashi, Drita Vukshinaj, Ajshe Nuhiu, Dua Dauti and the great Sevdije Ahmeti”. She also informed the attendees that starting next year, the Kosovo Women’s Network will start to award Sevdije Ahmeti Award for the most distinguished activist of the year. Furthermore, Ms. Rogova informed that in spring 2018, KWN will hold a meeting with its members in Durres to work on developing and drafting a new KWN Strategy.
Reporting on the work of KWN in 2017 was also made by other staff members, where each one spoke about the part in which she has been engaged during this year.
Later on, outside the agenda, a poetry interpreted by five members of KWN, written by the well-known actress Safete Rogova took place, which was prepared as a surprise by the staff for the 15thanniversary of the KWN.
During this year, KWN achieved to implement all these activities thanks to the financial support from UN Women, ADA, EU Office in Kosovo, Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, Swiss Contact, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Heart and Hand Foundation, KWN members and individual donors. The KWN Annual Report can be found in the website of KWN.
Following the reporting, KWN continued the tradition with the prize winning game for its members, whereupon Shukrije Gashi from Partners Kosova, Afërdita Zeneli from NGO “Dita, and and Ibadete Maliqi from NGO “Flaka” won prizes.
            Further, the attendees were given the opportunity of open discussion about the KWN Annual Report and exchange of information between KWN members and partners.
            Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, Executive Director of the Artpolis Center, awarded a letter of appreciation to KWN for the contribution to partnership, commitment and engagement in solidarity with the artists, activists and communities for the achievement of social justice in Kosovo. “Twinning fights inequality”.
After lunch break, the members elected 3 new Board Members and filled in questionnaires to assess the work of staff and KWN in the activities implemented throughout 2017.
The 15th Assembly of Members was made possible by the support of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, European Union Office in Kosovo and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).