KWN held its regular Members meeting

 On  March 5, 2018, at Hotel Sirius, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held its regular members meeting, the first one for 2018, which was attended by the representatives of member organizations, members of the Lobby for Gender Equality, supporters and representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

Igballe Rogova, KWN Executive Director opened the meeting by welcoming the participants. She further reported on the agenda and presentations that would follow.
            Avis Benes, Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit and Silke Studzinsky, Head of Victims Participation Office from the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) made two presentations regarding the views, responsibilities and functioning of the Specialist Chambers and the victims’ participation scheme. Mrs. Benes explained in detail the history of the KSC, which are temporary judicial institutions that have jurisdiction over individuals only. Their mandate is to adjudicate allegations of crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes committed during the period from 1 January 1998 to 31 December 2000, related to the allegations mentioned in the report of 2011, of the Assembly of the Council of Europe.
            Further during the presentation, it was stated that the KSC intends to inform the public correctly in order to prevent false and inaccurate information. This is being done by focusing on presentations, panel discussions, lectures at universities, cooperation with non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations. After the discussions and a session of questions and answers, Mrs. Benes stated that “We will work hard and endeavour to prevent political interference in our justice processes.”
After the lunch, the time was reserved for the presentation of the EU-funded project “Moving Forward: Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings in Kosovo”. This project is a joint effort of the Family and Childcare Center (KMOP), the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) and the Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking of Human Beings (PVPT), ”‹”‹which aims to further advance the general coordination of Anti-Trafficking in Kosovo, as well as the ways in which trafficking crimes are investigated and prosecuted, victims and witnesses are protected, and the provision of services is planned, managed and implemented in cooperation with the civil society sector. Sadete Kastrati, KMOP Grants Expert, informed about the announced Call for Project- Proposals.
            Further, Iliriana Banjska, KWN Gender Issues analyst, also co-author, presented the findings and recommendations resulting from the latest KWN report, “Mind the GAP”, which Ms. Banjska and Nicole Farnsworth during January have presented also to senior officials of the European Commission, in Brussels. This report illustrates the implementation of the European Union Gender Action Plan and the shortcomings of this process in the Western Balkans. You can read the full report on the KWN website.
            Later on, members shared information about their activities, whereupon Fazile Bungu from the Hendifer Association, Ferizaj, announced that also in Ferizaj they are marching to mark 8th of March. Fikrije Ferizi, from Women’s Association ATO, Vushtrri, informed that a roundtable will be organized in Vushtrri to mark the International Women’s Day. Gjejrane Lokaj from the Women’s Initiative Association, Dragash, announced that the 8th of March will be marked in Dragash by organizing, together with Lobby members, signature of a petition to open maternity units. Meanwhile, Nevenka Rikallo from the Association Ruka Ruci awarded certificates of appreciation to Igballe Rogova and Yllka Soba for their given support and contribution in the process of opening the shelter in Novoberde.
            Also, Mrs. Rogova announced that on 27-29 April, KWN supported by the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and with own participation, will organize members meeting in Durres, in order to work on the developing and drafting of the new KWN Strategy 2019-2022. Mrs. Rogova also added that the next regular members meeting will be in June. Since the World Blood Donation Day happens to be in June, KWN will try to organize blood donation during the meeting as a voluntary activity.
 Another issue discussed with members was proposing two names, a KWN member and an external expert, who will be a part of the Grants Review Committee of Kosovo Women’s Fund. The next round will be opened as soon as the KWN will sign the contracts with donors.
            Members were notified and invited to join the march that will be organized by the Collective We march, we don’t celebrate, at the Zahir Pajaziti Boulevardon 8 March starting at 12:00.
            This meeting was held by the partial support of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation as well as the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.