KWN Joins Workshop to Increase Volunteerism in Kosovo

The Kosovo Women Network (KWN) has continued its commitment toward raising volunteer culture in Kosovo.

On March 11, Etleva Malushaj, KWN Project Coordinator participated in the workshop “Volunteerism in Kosovo”, hosted by Lens organization. This workshop was organized to build the capacity of civil society organizations to recruit and manage volunteers in Kosovo.

In the first module, participants were introduced to the “Kosovo Volunteers” platform, which is a great opportunity for organizations to recruit volunteers. This platform comprises about 12,000 volunteers and helps formalize volunteer work as well.

Kastriot Mehmetaj, Administrator of the Platform for recognition of volunteering work in Kosovo, within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, informed the participants about the required procedures for an organisation registering on this platform.

Malushaj highly appreciated the participation in this workshop, recalling that KWN worked on building a program for volunteers that helps to better organize volunteer work and their involvement in the feminist movement.

“With such workshops, women’s civil society organizations can be taught to build their capacities, and will be able to raise many gender equality topics through the recruitment of volunteers. Thus, encouraging even more involvement of women and girls in public life and in decision-making processes”, Malushaj said.

A series of activities were held during the workshop to increase the capacity of organizations in several stages of volunteer management. Special emphasis was given to the methods of volunteer recruitment, employment contracts, daily expenses coverage and health insurance.

The participants received a certificate for the successful completion of the workshop.

KWN believes that volunteer work is a precondition for promoting solidarity, equality and social cohesion, thus has constantly included volunteers, both within the organization and through various campaigns.

KWN is committed to furthering volunteer work in Kosovo in the future.