Elmaze Gashi explains the importance of having a policy manual to KWN members on 19 Feb. in Prishtina.

KWN Members Create Policy Manuals

     Based on members’ requests, on Feb. 19, KWN organized the first interactive workshop this year, which focused on how to update or create a Policy Manual.
     Around 30 members, including young women, gathered at Hotel Prishtina. Some of them brought their laptops while others had their existing policy manuals in hand, ready to learn more about this topic. Elmaze Gashi led the workshop, explaining the importance of having a policy manual.      
     Using KWN’s policy manual as an example, she went through every article explaining how it was written and how members could adapt it, depending on the way their organization functions. Members understood that everything in the policy manual is written based on the laws of the Republic of Kosova, and that is why it has to be updated as laws change or come into force, as well as when important changes occur within their organizations. Strong policy manuals also make organizations transparent and stronger, she said.
     KWN members who need to work more on their policy manuals will continue working and send their drafts to KWN for review and feedback. In the end, KWN members will seek to update their policy manuals, towards enhancing their implementation of the KWN Code of Conduct.      Later members divided into three groups: organizations who do not have a policy manual at all; organizations who have a policy manual but did not update it for a long time; and organizations who have an updated policy manual but wanted to compare it with KWN’s existing one. Each group worked for more than three hours on their policy manuals. Those who had a laptop made changes directly on their policy manuals, while others took notes. Elmaze Gashi and KWN staff supported each group, answering questions as needed.
     Members were very motivated because the workshop coupled with follow-up mentoring will provided them with a ready-to-use policy manual by the end of March.
     “I’m very thankful to KWN for providing these important workshops free of charge. I would never have had the chance to attend a workshop of this kind,” said a KWN member participating in the workshop. 
     KWN will continue to provide workshops for member organizations, based on its Capacity Development  Plan for Members in 2014. KWN also has started offering individualized mentoring for members, visiting their organizations and providing assistance towards strengthening their organizations.