KWN, Reaction against the Maltreatment of the Journalist Salie Gajtani

Kosova Women’s Network (KWN) has received the information of the serious maltreatment of “KOHA Ditore” journalist Salie Gajtani, by the staff of the Gynaecological Clinic of the National Institute for Public Health (NIPH), where she had gone to give birth to her third child.

This group of doctors and nurses brought the journalist Gajtani to the edge of death and caused her major health problems, by not carrying out their work under their contract and the Hippocratic Oath.

KWN considers that the unprofessional behavior of the Clinic’s staff against Gajtani constitutes a serious violation of human rights and is a serious penal offense.

We express our deep indignation for the lack of reaction by state institutions, to whom Gajtani has directed an open letter, detailing everything that occurred at the Gynecological Clinic.

Further, we praise Gajtani for her courage and willingness to publicly denounce this serious case.
She has the full support of the intellectual women of Kosovo’s civil society, while she fights for recognition and the punishment of those who almost ended her life.

We hope that this will affect the awareness of the institutions’ leaders in taking the right measurements to raise the quality of services at this Clinic, as well as in the whole NIPH.