KWN Reacts to Sexist Language Against Minister Albulena Haxhiu

Today, the news portal Nacionale published a news story in which the journalist focused on the physical appearance, specifically the hair of Minister Haxhiu, as she left a conference on the topic of the Center for Social Work.

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), strongly condemns this treatment and the sexist language used towards Minister Haxhiu. We call on the media in Kosovo to report on the important work of each woman engaged in the public sphere, rather than focusing on their physical appearance.

When the journalist asked Minister Haxhiu about her hair, she replied that “It is better to inform the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo about what is happening with the Centers for Social Work and the recommendations that came out of the conference, than to focus on my hair, as this is my personal business.”

Women continue to play a constructive part in political processes in Kosovo. Therefore, KWN strongly opposes any attempt to invalidate their political role through such acts. We must fight against the language and mindset that still portrays women within a certain frame. We must reject trends that aim to show how women should look or behave to be accepted by society, as this questions their contribution.

This mindset once again highlights how much we have to do in our journey and mission to break down such gender inequalities and prejudices.