KWN sought #JusticeForAntigona in Rahovec

 On 23 March, at 12:00 o’clock, organized by the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), activitists, representatives of the civil society organization and family members gathered in front of the building of the Court in Rahovec seeking justice for Antigona.

Late Antigona Morine passed away six years ago after suffering from a continuous haemorrhage caused to her three days after she got married. Not only did her spouse, Hilmi Zena, not ask for medical help, but he exacerbated the situation by continuing to have sexual intercourse with her.
This protest sought an urgent and adequate reaction from justice in Kosovo concerning the case of late Antigona Morina; the Court in Rahovec is suspected to have eliminated the case file prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office following a decision which found the main accused person, Hilmi Zeka, not guilty. Furthermore, KWN called for immediate action to address the omissions made in this case since destruction of official letters is not only a disciplinary responsibility, but also a serious offense. KWN constantly demands accountability and seriousity from the Kosovar justice when dealing with these cases in line with the provisions of the Criminal Code of Kosovo, an article of which, namely Article 415, stipulates a sentence to imprisonment of up to three years.
Unfortunately, this case took place one week after reports emerged that the person accused of murdering Donjeta Pajaziti had been released due to lack of evidence, and what is characteristic of the present case is that official documents related to it have been eliminated. Had it not been for the pressure of media reports and the family, this victim would have been long forgotten by the Kosovar justice.
KWN wrote, even in its press release of 19 march, that it is only by fair decisions that the justice institutions may influence in lowered violence or crime. Raising the awareness of institutions dealing with cases of gender-based violence will lead to more cases being reported, thereby securing this justice, defense, and rehabilitation for the cases of gender-based violence.