KWN Stands with Flutura Kusari, Advocating for Media Freedom

Concerned by recent comments directed at Flutura Kusari, a media rights lawyer and human rights activist, we at the Kosovo Women’s Network condemn the language used against her and express our full support for Flutura and every woman who has the courage to be active in the public sphere and become the voice of the citizens.

Ms. Kusari advocates for freedom of expression and the media, as well as for the protection of journalists in Kosovo, Albania, and throughout Europe. As a senior legal advisor at the European Center for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in Leipzig, she leads the legal aid program that has supported hundreds of journalists in different countries. She also serves as an expert in the European Commission and the Council of Europe, and closely cooperates with well-known international organizations promoting media freedom.

Ms. Kusari initiated the Journalists in Residence program, through which she brought dozens of journalists from Ukraine and Afghanistan to Kosovo in cooperation with the Kosovar and German governments and the Association of Kosovo Journalists. She works closely with journalists in Kosovo and constantly advocates for their safety.

The Kosovo Women’s Network appreciates her courage, professionalism, and dedication in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Meanwhile, we call on public figures to use the platform provided to them to promote and empower women, rather than discouraging them with sexist comments simply because they disagree with their opinions.

Women are an integral part of public discourse, and they should feel safe and protected in order to contribute to the development of a democratic and equal society.