KWN Support The Pride Parade Under The Slogan “Together and Proud”

For the fifth consecutive year the Pride Parade was hosted by the LGBTI community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex), various activists and human rights defenders in Kosovo.

July 1st, brought together hundreds of activists under the slogan “Together and Proud” at Skenderbeu Square in downtown Pristina.

“Pride Week aims to empower LGBTI + people, and also increase visibility in Kosovo society for different sexual orientations and gender identities.” said Lend Mustafa, Coordinator of the Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL), after the parade.

Moreover, he added, “This year, Pride Week highlights the issue of the Civil Code and same-sex marriage. “Through the slogan ‘Together and Proud’ we call for solidarity, equality, justice and social change.”

As always, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN)  supported this parade organized by Center for Social Group Development (CSGD), and the Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL).