KWN Supports Journalists in the Protest “Democracy Dies in Darkness”

The Women’s Network of Kosovo has shown its support for the protest called by the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK). The protest is in response to the suspension of Klan Kosova’s business certificate by the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade.

Dozens of journalists and activists from civil society in Kosovo gathered on Monday, July 31, in Pristina’s main squares to express their opposition to a decision made by the Kosovo authorities. This decision could potentially lead to the closure of the private national television station, Klan Kosova. Their rallying motto is “Democracy dies in darkness.”

The protest held significant symbolism for its organizers. As the clock struck 12, the march commenced with the accompaniment of whistles, heading towards the Government building.

Upon reaching the Government building, media workers joined the guardians of free speech by leaving their equipment behind, offering their support to their colleagues from Klan Kosova.

The Constitution of Kosovo and the current legislation in force guarantee the freedom of the media in the country. Journalists and civil society have criticized the Government of Kosovo’s decision, stating that it violates the fundamental values enshrined in the Constitution and amounts to an institutional attack on democracy and free speech. Such an approach is considered unacceptable and contrary to the principles of democratic societies.