KWN: We Must Fight Mentalities That Portray Women Within a Patriarchal Construct

Members of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) have been following concerning media articles which attack the former President Atifete Jahjaga’s contribution towards the improvement of gender equality in Kosovo.

Gender equality is guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. However, we must fight the language and mentality that continues to portray women within a patriarchal construct. We must challenge stereotypes and not accept them as part of our social, political and institutional discourse.

We need to say no to bullying towards women and girls, and discussions in the media on a woman’s appearance, or how she should behave in order to be socially acceptable. We must raise our voices against such mentality – which seeks to undermine women’s contributions to creating a society built on equal rights and gender equity. It sends a negative message to all those who would want to join the cause.

This mindset proves once again how much we need to do in our journey and mission to break down such gender inequalities and prejudices.