KWN’s Proposal for Heroinat Monument to be Named “Sevdije Ahmeti” discussed

Pristina – The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) on 19 Feb. 2019 proposed to the mayor of Prishtina Municipality, Shpend Ahmeti that as part of the marking of 20th anniversary of the Kosovo’s liberation following a holy war of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and NATO’s intervention, to name the square where the Heroines Monument is placed after the name of a woman’s personality, a great contributor to human’s rights, especially to women’s rights, Sevdije Ahmeti (1944-2016).

On this occasion, on May 7 with the invitation of Mayor Ahmeti, a meeting was held between him and the Executive Director of KWN, Igballe Rogova to discuss more about this proposal.

Recalling that Sevdije Ahmeti is among the first activists fighting for women’s rights in Kosovo, a movement that began in the ‘90s vis-à-vis the demand for freedom and independence.

Mayor Ahmeti in principle agreed with the KWN proposal, however this proposal is expected to be discussed and hopefully approved in the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina.