Law Students Learn about Domestic Violence

 On 29 Jan., the Centre for Legal Aid and Regional Development (CLARD), organized a workshop entitled “Addressing Domestic Violence”. Participants were students from the University of Prishtina Faculty of Law, including a KWN staff member. 
    The training aimed to inform students regarding domestic violence, types of domestic violence, defence mechanisms, consequences of violating protective orders and statistics regarding domestic violence cases. 
    Participants were interested to learn more about the cases that CLARD has assisted with legal aid. The lecturer from CLARD provided an example from the last case they treated, in which a man who had hit his spouse said, “I didn’t do anything to her. I only slapped here twice. Nothing more.” 
    Another issue discussed during the workshop was the imposition of protective measures made by the court. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about specific protective measure. Some participants felt that certain measures would not prevent violence. For example, they discussed a specific case in which the court ordered as a protective measure against the perpetrator that he should stay a distance of 10 meters away from his wife. However, they continued to live in the same house, share the same kitchen, and use the same bathroom. 
   “This measure doesn’t stop the perpetrator, or make the victim feel secure,” said one of the participants. “Instead she might feel even more endangered.” 
   According to police statistics and KWN’s research report No More Excuses, domestic violence remains widespread. According to the Kosovo’s Police, the number of domestic violence cases reported in 2014 was 1,046 and it was 1,021 in 2015. 
Despite the progress made in addressing domestic violence, this issue requires further attention.