Letter to Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Isa Mustafa 29 January 2015

29 January 2015
Dear Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Isa Mustafa:
On 24 and 27 Jan., Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) staff members participated in the protests with the slogan “Jablanovic Out; Trepca is Ours”. KWN took part in these protests for the following reasons. First, although he is a minister in the government of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Aleksandar Jablanovic denied the independent statehood of the Republic of Kosovo by referring to Kosovo as “Kosovo and Metohija”. Second, while in Gjakova, Mr. Jablanovic called the mothers of missing persons “beasts”. Third, we wanted to join fellow citizens in demanding that the government bring into discussion the law that would make Trepca a public enterprise.
Thousands of Kosovo citizens entered the streets twice to 1) express their concerns regarding Mr. Jablanovic’s statements; 2) demand that the Government of Kosovo dismiss Mr. Jablanovic from his position as a Minister; and 3) to call upon the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo to decide upon the future of Trepca.
KWN continues to support the citizens of Kosovo who are using their rights, guaranteed by law, to express their dissatisfaction through peaceful protest. In accordance with our Statute, we entered into these protests as citizens, without any political affiliation with any political party, because we, as citizens, wanted to make these demands.
KWN condemns the violence used in these protests. The first reaction of the Kosovo Police against peaceful protestors on 27 Jan., as shown on media and as we witnessed with our own eyes, was disproportional.
We call upon you, as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo to immediately dismiss Mr. Jablanovic from any official position in the Republic of Kosovo, not only due to his denial of Kosovo’s existence as an independent state, but more importantly because of his insults against Kosovo mothers who for 16 years continue to await information about their loved ones who went missing during the war. KWN has continuously stood behind the mothers of missing persons in their demands to learn the fate of their loved ones and will continue to do so.
Igballe Rogova