Leze Qena’s Impactful Use of Humor to Empower Women and Promote their Rights

Leze Qena, who devoted her life to Albanian theater and culture, always found time to participate in activities aimed at empowering women and girls. As an actor whose performances were well-received by audiences, she and other women activists inspired many women to pursue their dreams.

As a young girl, Lezja had many dreams. However, at the time, the profession she chose was not only unusual but also difficult for her parents and relatives to accept due to the archaic conditions in which Albanian families lived.

With her personal will and determination, Lezja, a well-known actor, achieved her goals despite the difficulties and obstacles that came her way. She proved that when a person is determined to achieve something, they can reach their goals.

However, it was Lezja’s father who supported her every step of the way. Lezja always exhibited strong drive and inexhaustible energy, which she attributed to both her innate abilities and her father’s influence. According to the actor, her father was also very energetic and a hard worker.

Although Leze is almost always referred to as an actress, singing was actually more of a hobby than a profession for her. Despite this, Leze has expressed regret that she did not take the time to pursue singing professionally as well. She explains that during concerts, she would sing parodies, embellishing them with selected humor. The audience was not only highly satisfied but also responded with enthusiasm, resulting in even better performances over time.

“In the 1990s, when Kosovo was under Serbian occupation, the association “Motrat Qiriazi” organized shows aimed at empowering women and girls in the region of Has. The talented actress Leze Qena participated in these activities several times, using her presence and humor to deliver empowering messages to women and girls through her performances,” says Igballe Rogova, the executive director of KWN. During the 1990s, Rogova, along with the actress and activist Safete Rogova, founded the “Motrat Qiriazi” association.

Leze Qena was born on March 1, 1935 in Prizren and passed away on March 25, 2020 in Pristina