“Lulishtja” Advocates for the Economic Empowerment of Farmers in the Villages of Highlands of Gollak

The Women’s Association “Lulishtja” held information sessions with women in the villages of Dabishec, Hajkobill, Gllogovica, Keqekoll and Mramor to inform them about the opportunities for advocacy in the Directorate of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture to create opportunities to support women farmers of these villages of Highlands of Gollak.

During September, Lulishtja held two trainings, one in the village of Hajkobill with 5 women and 3 men, and the other in the village of Gllogovica with 8 women for agricultural development. The topic of both workshops was “Identifying the needs of women farmers in these villages”, with lecturer Havushe Bunjaku, farmer.

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During the implementation of the initiative, the Director of the Association “Lulishtja”, Sadije Dulahu, held meetings with officials in the Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development and officials in the Directorate of Education of the Municipality of Prishtina. These meetings were organized in order to advocate for the position and needs of women farmers in these villages and to gain municipal support for their work.

“We have received information regarding number of subventions given to women farmers. Whereas, from our research is found that in 2019, Municipality of Prishtina, supported only 40 women, while 493 of the benificiaries were men. ” she said.

The Lulishtja Association also reached out to women farmers and several agricultural producers to help women start businesses and sell products.

Thanks to this initiative of the member organization of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), 71 women and 16 men have managed to advocate in the villages to receive financial support for business development in the agricultural sector.

The Association “Lulishtja” held these meetings in the framework of the initiative ” Advocacy for Economic Empowerment of Women Farmers in the villages of Highlands of Gollak “, supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) and funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).