Many Successes Mark 2015 for KWN

 The KWN had another successful year, including the publication of many reports and the distribution of grants for KWN members. KWN staff also gave comments and suggestions during the drafting of many laws in Republic of Kosovo to insure that they included a gender perspective. KWN sent more 10 press releases to raise awareness of justice for women and gender equality in Kosovo. Additionally. Details of the KWN’s year can be found in their Annual Report. All of the KWN’s successes are due to the hard work and dedication of the KWN staff. In addition, a special thanks is owed to the KWN members,  Lobby for Gender Equality and all the other interns that helped out the KWN during this 2015. 
In closing, the KWN would like to thank all who helped contribute to the KWN initiatives, making 2015 a very successful year.