Meet Hana, the KWN Intern Who Aims to Strengthen the Role of Women in Society Through Designs

Hana Murati, 20 years old from Prishtina, reflects enthusiasm and determination as she balances her studies in design and political science. While Hana’s love for design began as a child exploring combinations of colors, shapes, and textures to create something beautiful, today she has decided to advance an important cause through design – empowering women and promoting their rights.

Hana, the new intern at the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), has decided to join us using design as a tool to reach a wide audience in raising awareness for the protection of women’s rights. She cites three reasons why she made this decision.

“First, the Kosovo Women’s Network is a powerful organization dedicated to promoting women’s rights and values. Working in such an organization, while combining it with design, is a perfect match for me. Second, this practice is a great opportunity to create projects and visually communicate important messages. Thirdly, I feel inspired by the aim and mission of the organization because it has a direct impact on my society and community,” says Hana.

Hana began her studies in political science, with a sense of responsibility to influence positive changes in society. However, not seeing herself involved in traditional politics, she believes that the interweaving of design and work at the KWN will enable her to have a more concrete impact on society.

“Design is a powerful tool to raise the voice and raise awareness about these issues because it is a language that everyone speaks. There are no linguistic or cultural limitations to communicating through design. Through images, colors, and graphic elements, we can reach a wide audience and encourage them to participate in the feminist cause and protect the rights of women and girls,” she says.

Hana was selected among other candidates for her ideas, energy, motivation, and desire to work in the Network.

“Everyone who becomes part of the Network for practical work is involved in concrete tasks. This, in addition to valuing their involvement, at the same time creates space to raise their capacities and develop further in the fields that interest them. Many of the girls who were initially involved through practical work continue to be part of the Network’s staff in various positions,” says Zana Rudi, Program Manager at KWN.

Hana hopes that her engagement in KWN will help her grow in the professional field and expand her horizons, as the organization has a very powerful role and can initiate significant changes that benefit girls and women.

“During this internship, I will learn and grow, being inspired by the awareness and efforts of women who fight for their rights every day. I will meet new people, dedicated and motivated professionals who share the same goal, creating a network that will empower us all to make big changes. For me, this internship is an important journey to discover my potential and understand what role and impact I can have in this field,” Hana emphasizes.

We wish Hana a great journey at KWN as we believe that with her creativity, determination, and alignment with a meaningful cause, she is well on her way to making a significant impact in advocating for women’s rights and promoting gender equality in Kosovo and beyond.

Hana’s commitment to KWN was made possible by the international non-profit organization focused on community service, especially for women, Altrusa. This organization aims to empower young women in fields where they are underrepresented.