Iniciativa për Zhvillimin e Bujqësisë së Kosovës (IADK)



Area of Expertise:

Agriculture,Economic Empowerment,Environment,Ethnic Groups,Gender Equality


Mission of Iniciativa për Zhvillimin e Bujqësisë së Kosovës (IADK) (Initiative for Agriculture and Development of Kosovo) is the development of modern agriculture for safe and healthy food from rural areas and sustainable environment in Kosovo.

Year Established:


Target Group:

Disadvantaged farmers (in mountainous areas or enclaves, women heads of households); advanced farmers who produce for the market; groups of farmers; young graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture.


Promotes socio-economic development in rural areas; reduces unemployment and creates opportunities for income generation in order to reduce migration; supports farmers to take gender equality into account; integrates minorities; and raises awareness for environmental protection. Empowers rural women through training and developing skills in food processing, marketing and selling the products; undertakes various activities in the livestock sector and horticulture; focuses on organic production and alternative energy; organizes civil society in the agricultural sector; educates farmers through training, advisory services, marketing, and study visits.


+383 (0) 44 777 036; +383 (0) 49 344 586; +383 (0) 28 536 726


Sfaraqak Village, Vushtrri



Zenel Bunjaku