Mobile Mammography Machine will Serve Women throughout Kosovo

 One in eight women in the world is affected by breast cancer. The number of women affected by it, is rapidly growing globally. In Kosovo, the number of women who detect cancer in its early phases remains very low.
    Within the scope of early cancer detection month, the Ministry of Health received a Mobile Mammography machine, which was made possible by the women MPs of the fourth legislature of Kosovo.  
    Starting December, the Mobile Mammography Machine will begin offering its services to women throughout all municipalities of Kosovo. This way, it will aim to aid women in both rural and urban areas to detect cancer early. 
     On 31 Oct. hundreds of citizens attended the traditional walk “Early detection = Survival” which was organized for the sixth time by the Kosovo Center for Fighting Breast Cancer, ‘Jeta-Vita’, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Kosovo. They wore pink ribbons and scarves, thereby showing their solidarity with cancer survivors and patients.
      “All of you brave sisters, wives, mothers, and young women, who keep fighting against this disease without giving up, I call on you to share your stories with other women, because that is how you will inspire them to have regular check ups, and diagnose cancer early” said  President Jahjaga. “There is nothing more valuable than human life. We need to value it as much as possible!”
    This walk is based on earlier successes of Vita-Jeta, who has requested better cooperation with Kosovo institutions in early cancer discovery.  
     “Only those who face this disease know how difficult and costly the journey towards discovery and treatment is. Hence, the small bright light at the end of this tunnel, is early discovery, which allows for treatment and survival to be more successful. (Source: Jeta Vita