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KWN Holds the First Meeting to Draft the New Strategy
KWN Supports The Pride Parade Under The Slogan “BOTH IN THE STATE AND IN THE FAMILY”
KWN Attends the Working Party on the Western Balkans Region (COWEB) Meeting 
The Exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence behind Walls” Continues Its Journey in Fushë Kosovë
KWN Introduces Gender Policy Recommendations for Persons with Disabilities
Students from Amsterdam Appreciate the KWN’s Activism
KWN Committed To Increasing Volunteerism Towards Gender Equality
Businesses and Employees in Lipjan are being informed about the EU Work-Life Balance Directive
In Time Informs and Encourages Women in Prizren for Political Participation and Decision-Making
Humanus Vita hold information sessions on sexual harassment

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