Women members of NGO “Krusha e Vogël” visit the “Centre of Seedlings (Qendra e Fidaneve)” in Koretin, Kamenica, 2013.

NGO “Krusha e Vogël” Economically Empowers Rural Women

Members of NGO “Krusha e Vogël” expressed their interest in visiting organizations involved in agriculture in other municiplaities.

They visited the “Centre of Seedlings (Qendra e Fidaneve)” in Koretin village in the Municipality of Kamenica. The visit took place on 23 Jul., with support from the Local Action Group (LAG).
“This visit aims to support the exchange of experiences and learning in the area of agriculture,” said a founder of NGO Krusha e Vogël.
Skender Dervishi and Ibrahim Bunjaki, the owners of the seedling company, welcomed the women. They explained how they run their business, which seedlings they cultivate and other details. They also organized a reception for the Krusha e Vogël delegation. Women in this way had the chance to see concrete work on how to organize better the planting of seedlings, as well as to see new kinds of seedlings that they hadn’t seen before.
After their visit, Krusha e Vogël members traveled home using a different route, passing through the beautiful mountains of Prevalle. For many women, it was the first time they had seen these mountains or even travelled alone with other women. The experience was not only educational, but empowering.
“The trainings have been very important for us,” a member said. “And this visit was something very good and new. We had a fantastic time; we got out of our daily routine and learnt a lot of new things.”
All women members of Krusha e Vogël NGO were involved in the “Women’s Economic Empowerment in Rural Areas” project supported by the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fund (financed by Austrian Development Agency). They came from various villages such as Hasi, Krusha e Vogël, Randobrave, Pirana and Serbica.