Women await their turn, visiting the gynaecologist free of charge.

NGO Lulebora

Many Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian women are unaware of the potential consequences of not visiting the doctor for regular check-ups. Some women know the importance but cannot afford to visit the doctor, while others do not trust medical workers.

Knowing these issues from their prior work with Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian women in Mitrovica, NGO Lulebora decided to organize lectures with gynaecologist Vjollca Thaqi, supported through the Kosovo Women’s Fund (€1,370). Three times per week she provided information relating to personal hygiene, contraception, and breast and uterine cancer. They also discussed the importance of visiting gynaecologists.

During the lecture, women actively engaged, asking questions.
“Most women did not even know what breast cancer was,” said Albulena Sinanaj, Lulebora’s Project Coordinator. “They only knew that it is a disease. With the help of the gynaecologist, they learned how to identify potential symptoms of breast cancer.”

Following lectures, Lulebora arranged for more than 75 women to visit a gynaecologist, many for the first time. The Municipal Officer for Gender Equality supported this initiative, requesting from the Directorate of Health that the public hospital provide free check-ups. The initiative also enabled the Officer for Gender Equality to fulfil its aim: ensuring improved access to healthcare for women in need.
“This project is very special for us,” said Drita Salihu, a participant. “There are so many women that cannot afford to go to the doctor. I am very thankful that Lulebora involved us and helps take care of us.”